Thursday, January 22, 2015

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Drawer needs new PC tools, BOOTER can be higher level meaning BIOS - what have to be next?

So, finally I finished booter with perfect result and this result couldn't to be complete without Robert Willie (aka Hydrophilic). Drawer is finished generally few days before and it needs to create new PC tools to use its possibilities - Font Editor and Icon Editor (can be named icon&sprite editor). I want to shift BOOTER to new level - BIOS. Old BIOS version published in 2010 was not BIOS, only booter and info tool named BIOS. New BIOS version can user allow to manage disks, display, keyboard and bit RAM using... of course inside is BOOTER. BIOS is not only for The Ace, it can use every Commodore 128 user, PC tools will work this time in not yet published The Ace and I want to add there few programs to use it without The Ace so it means will be generally released for all.
So, what to do? PC tools can make little break of The Ace development, but development without them will be harder, much harder and old tools are for new Drawer unusable. BIOS can make using of C128 easier for everybody.
Help me to decide and post any comments or suggestions.


Sunday, January 4, 2015

Friday, January 4th 1985

It's here... Commodore 128 30th anniversary - before 30 years was Commodore 128 introduced as a new step of Commodore...

And it's every time best computer made!

Commodore 128 PC with 8502 processor 128 kB of RAM and ROM cartridge port
Commodore 128 was the worlds first mass market multi-processor computer
It also have two video subsystems, one of which allows to connect it to TV

I know that I catched not this anniversary with The Ace release, but year 2015 will be year of first release...