Thursday, September 8, 2016

First steps to get work Commodore 65 graphics

Last weeks I'm experimenting with Commodore 65 graphics, anybody of you who visited The Ace web know that I needed to split Commodore 65 and Mega 65.
Mega 65 has not yet finished bitplanes and creating any graphics is near impossible 'cause test cannot to be corrected and correction saved to diskimage...
I was using MESS emulator of C65, but now I'm using Gábor Lénárt's XEMU emulator of C65 and bit M65 - both not yet finished but it's better than MESS. Now it looks like VIC-III can use modes of VDC, not all, but some in more colors and without attribute clash, VIC-II modes are present, only VIC-IIe Real Interlace must to be used in VIC-III configuration, but again more colors, no attribute clash...
Of course there are also sprites.
That's lot about graphics, and for now will continue:
I'm watching Steve Gray VYM project - cartridge for C64 or C128 which brings new video and audio device to Commodore 64 and 128, later VIC20 maybe. It shares not computer RAM and like VDC has own VideoRAM in size up to 192K!

My experiments with Basic 10.0 bringing me to publish Code Writer tool, for now codename Code Writer Basic (Basic for current supporting programming language) which supports Basic 7.0 only and add Basic 10.0 support. Maybe I try to release it separately from The Ace (of course The Ace will have it). I know that PETCAT VICE tool last fix removed prolems with text tokenizing to Basic 10.0 PRG files.

For now I'm flirting still with Z80 and also C++...

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Thursday, April 7, 2016

CP/M cartridge arrived - tests have amazing results!

So, yesterday arrived C64 CP/M Cartridge.
For me is no so important if is CP/M running, but if is accessible its Z80 CPU.
First time I turned off SCPU and tested in C64 mode - Z80 works and CP/M 2.2 too. Maybe you think - so, what new, C128 has Z80 and newer CP/M version... if this had to be only one positive result, Z80 and CP/M could had both modes - C128 and C64 too. BTW: CP/M 2.2 and 3.0 are compatible but CP/M 2.2 cannot read CP/M 3.0 disks...
But now I turned on SCPU, first test failed... I was not surprised, but don't wanted to lost the fight. I switched SCPU to 1MHz and tried again - and - in C64 mode was working Z80 and CP/M too... I was surprised, so in hope I switch to C128 mode and try CPU switch routine with simple Z80 program - amazing - works perfectly, only one thing is in timing, SCPU must to be set to 1MHz. Now I tried to load CP/M 2.2 directly to Basic 2.0 start address to execute CP/M loader in C128 mode - failed what was not surprise.
What these results giving us?
- C128 has without SCPU 3 CPUs: MOS 8502, Z80 inside C128, Z80 inside cartridge
- C128 has with SCPU 2 CPUs: WDC 65816 and Z80 inside cartridge
- in C64 mode are available without SCPU 2 CPUs: 8502 and Z80 inside cartridge
- in C64 mode with SCPU are available 2 CPUs: 65816 and Z80 inside cartridge
What it means?
C128 can work in both modes with code of these CPU families: X65, 65K and X80 - even C128 without SCPU has 2 Z80 CPUs!
I add X80 feature finally to The Ace for C128 and C64 computers...

The Ace
- output routine is near to finish, I'm handling C65 chargen and screen loaction


Friday, March 18, 2016

ASCII output and CP/M cartridge

Screenshots I published not 'cause SinCore needs true ASCII output, I see that standard Commodore Kernal routine BSOUT changes codes of characters at output. I used it 'cause is common for all 4 computers - C128, C64, C65, M65. I know that I want have core Kernal independent, but if is anything common it's acceptable.
I'm awaiting CP/M cartridge to attempt use of its Z80 also when is SCPU turned on. About this is written on OS webpage.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

New build - Power-On message with bootsequence

This night I finished power-on message with bootsequence.
Here's late night or early morning, later maybe this evening I'll publish screenshots.
Working on: C128, C128 mode 64, C64, C64DTV, M65, not working M65 mode 64.

Friday, March 11, 2016

New boot sequence for all machines together will be finished this weekend

So, I finished boot sequence problems and I need only optimize code, then start first boot sequence to Editor. This weekend I do it and publish screenshots. Build will be not published 'cause it's really for SinCore made and for user at this time no usable.
When it will be at least usable I'll publish build.


Sunday, February 28, 2016

Bootsequence near finish

New builds in The Ace core are made.
At now I can recognize each model (in case of M65 really thanks to Paul Gardner-Stephen) at start process and load videochips defaults then output power on message. It's only text based for core. When will be universal whole core I go on C128 features to make them common as is possible.
Screenshots I'll publish soon.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Build 1602.010 @1119.1

Hi all fans of The Ace OS. Since I merged all versions together, I began to apply it to SinCore. As first, SinCore is Single Core for all three Commodore computers - 128, 64, 65 and Mega 65.
I want to create it transparent that for all will be possible to run single core. I try as is possible to make it Kernal independent. SinCore is written in X65 RISC architecture (RISC meaning only standard opcodes). So, new work began and all code used in The Ace 128 and its SinCore 128 will be after modification applied. SinCore will have included Extension for machine specific code.
News and changes I'll publish here.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

News, changes

So, yesterday I updated main web about The Ace and look at - there are so many changes that I'll be very happy for each comment what - you - Commodore users mean.