Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Build 1602.010 @1119.1

Hi all fans of The Ace OS. Since I merged all versions together, I began to apply it to SinCore. As first, SinCore is Single Core for all three Commodore computers - 128, 64, 65 and Mega 65.
I want to create it transparent that for all will be possible to run single core. I try as is possible to make it Kernal independent. SinCore is written in X65 RISC architecture (RISC meaning only standard opcodes). So, new work began and all code used in The Ace 128 and its SinCore 128 will be after modification applied. SinCore will have included Extension for machine specific code.
News and changes I'll publish here.


  1. Intersting ... I'm following your project since some years and it looks super. When do you think will you publish some of the old release just to try it?

  2. In current situation I'll publish single core (SinCore) of OS with no GUI as first working environment for each of three computers C128, C64, C65 (Mega 65) together. When will all work I'll begin on last C128 GUI milestone and will apply it on C64 and C65 too.
    System will be published also in Beta versions or development versions. When will be any public build available I upload it to website (currently is empty) and post it here.

  3. Well done Miro, so I hope to listen to some interesting news soon.